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Mold and IAQ Services

Environmental Inspections Group provides complete mold and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) consulting services, which include mold inspections and surveys. Should remediation be needed, we also offer all the necessary mold protocols and clearance testing.

While some consultants provide some limited sampling, EIG provides a comprehensive sampling of each and every project. Other mold inspectors may not provide any sampling at all during the original inspection. Here at Environmental Inspections Group, you want to work with professionals with years of experience successfully removing mold. Thankfully, our team members at EIG have comprehensive knowledge and experience working on a variety of projects– and we’re confident to tackle any mold challenge you may be facing.

We also provide an in-depth consultation on the most effective and up to date remediation techniques available. Our responsive and thorough service will get your home or corporate facility back to normal as quickly as possible. At Environmental Inspections Group, we tackle each mold problem individually, selecting only the most effective procedures and cleaning chemicals to thoroughly remove the mold. We will closely observe your home or corporate building to identify exactly the type of services it requires- we will make sure the mold is completely eradicated without using an excess of chemicals or dismantling. Contact us now for a free consultation!

Expert Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solutions

Besides the threat of mold, Environmental Inspections Group is also uniquely qualified to address other indoor air quality concerns as well. Examples of these other IAQ concerns that we can address for you would include volatile organic carbon and fiberglass. Many of these issues can go unnoticed and untreated, but don’t let that fool you: the quality of the air inside your buildings is incredibly important to your safety as well as your comfort. Our teams will take great care to make sure that your property gets the service it needs to get it back to its safest and most efficient version possible. This separates us from our competition as most do not provide these services.

Environmental Inspections Group also provides complete industrial hygiene tests and other more general sampling related to the overall health and hygiene of your building. From start to finish, our highly skilled team will be in control of all the work being done on your property, taking special care to target any problem areas in the property- even the ones hidden to the untrained eye.

Our services are fast and affordable and they are specially designed to help you with your specific environmental consulting and inspection needs. Whatever your situation, we can help you get the solutions that will be most effective for your property.

Call us at 214-564-8366 for a complete inspection and consultation. Let us take it from there!

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