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DFW Environmental Inspections Group is located in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas and is proud to offer our expert mold and asbestos evaluation services to the entire surrounding area. We understand how important it is to keep your home or company building safe and protected from these seemingly small threats that can become disastrous if left unchecked. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help protect your properties!

Our team here at EIG has over 20 years of experience with environmental safety, and every one of our team members is equipped to get your building back to normal. We won’t rest until your building is once again safe, comfortable, and free of any harmful growths.

Our local presence in the North Texas area allows us to be incredibly familiar with the weather patterns and climate conditions that impact the buildings here.

Environmental Inspections Group specializes in any and all types of environmental investigations and inspections. We are also consultants in several of the related environmental disciplines. This allows us to actually do multiple inspection types at one time. If you require any asbestos and mold inspections, we can accommodate your needs in one trip. There is no need to employ a separate mold inspector and asbestos inspector. We are committed to the most up to date and cutting edge technological methods and the highest quality work.

Our services are fast and affordable and are designed to help you with your environmental consulting and inspection needs. Whatever your situation, we can help you with the solutions. 

Call us today at 214-564-8366 for a consultation and schedule a complete inspection.

Our Mission

Here at Environmental Inspections Group, we promise to deliver the best possible results. That means going above and beyond to make sure our teams are highly trained and able to make their assessments quickly. We provide customer service to ensure your experience is the best it can possibly be, and we’ll make sure you’re communicated with throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction. We promise to treat each customer like a priority and to take care of your home or commercial building as though it’s our own. Every project will get the benefit of all the experience and refined skills of every member of our team. 


It’s our mission to provide you with mold and asbestos solutions that you can trust. Each assessment and survey is expertly administrated. And not to mention, we only use the highest quality roofing materials on the market. By the time the job is done, you can be confident in the results. 

20+ Years Experience
Professional Services

EIG offers a variety of environmental inspection, consultancy, and compliance solutions. With over 20 years of experience in a variety of areas of the environmental industry and a location in Dallas/Fort Worth, we can provide you with professional and efficient solutions.

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