Fort Worth Asbestos Inspections

DFW Environmental Inspections Group has been providing service to the North Texas region for quite a while, working to ensure that every building and structure is secure and safe for people to use. Texas’ Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex is home to EIG, and we are pleased to provide our professional mold and asbestos inspection services to the whole region. If you have a residential or commercial property in Fort Worth or the surrounding areas, consider making the call to EIG to have us come out and perform asbestos inspections, mold detections, and other services that can protect you from harmful components.

Protecting Your Property In Fort Worth

We recognize just how critical it is to safeguard your house or commercial structure against these seemingly insignificant hazards that, if ignored, can have severe effects. Asbestos is particularly dangerous- so much so, there are regulations in place to eliminate its use in new construction projects. Older buildings often still contain the mineral, which is why it’s so very important to keep an eye on your building and its risk. Call us right away to learn more about how we can safeguard your properties!

Our Two – Part Inspection Plan

At EIG, we make sure to cover all our bases when we conduct our inspections. We never want any harmful materials to slip our notice. That’s why we test every possible area of your property for mold, asbestos, and other dangerous particles. Our assessment of the site is in two parts to make sure we take care of every little detail. With this 2-phase strategy, you can be confident in the results.

Phase I

Generally speaking, the Phase I environmental site assessment will involve a visual evaluation of the site, a review of the property’s present and past uses, an on-site reconnaissance of the area, and interviews with all knowledgeable parties. We will also review specific public records pertaining to the subject property and nearby areas that might be useful to understanding the building’s susceptibility to any harmful presences.

Phase II

In the event that Phase I reports anything concerning that might necessitate any extra research, Environmental Inspections Group will be prepared to offer an estimate and offer Phase II environmental site assessment services. This Phase II evaluation requires a more direct property sample and laboratory analysis, which allows it to produce a longer report than the Phase I assessment. Phase II usually includes subsurface investigations like soil and groundwater samples and using radar to observe the underground.

Asbestos Safety In Fort Worth, TX

Whatever your property’s situation, Environmental Inspections Group will be able to ensure that it receives the protection that it needs. If you have an older building that might be at risk of containing asbestos, call us immediately! You will need consistent inspections to ensure that the asbestos remains dormant, and immediate service if anything activates the asbestos. EIG is here to provide you with reliable support, no matter what your building’s risk is.

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